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    Our Mission


    About Companies

    Learn about what companies actually do!

    What makes the company successful?

    What opportunities do they offer?

    Decide whether they're a good fit for you


    About Jobs

    Learn about the jobs a company is made up of!

    Learn from the people who do those jobs

    Explore jobs across multiple sectors  

    Find out about jobs you never knew existed! 


    About Skills

    Learn about the skills needed to be successful!

    Develop job relevant skills directly from the company

    Discover skills you didn't even know you had!

    Learn new skills and show off your potential

    What we do


    We've developed a free & open platform for people to explore and learn about the skills needed in our rapidly changing world. Edease enables people to learn these skills - whoever they are, wherever they are, and whenever they like. 

    Interactive Video

    Edease is all about video, the fancy sort! We deliver everything through interactive video, not only because it's the most engaging but because it enables you to test yourself and discover new skills for new opportunities!

    Connecting People

    We enable people and companies to engage based upon the relevant skills they have for a job, not what grades they got at school! 

    We help our community learn the skills companies look for and we help the companies find them. 


    One Place

    We provide the only free & open platform to learn about jobs from multiple companies and enable people and businesses to freely connect 

    'Real World' Education

    An online environment  to learn directly from companies and the real world skills & qualities they look for in people

    Skills Gap

    Industry continues to move further ahead of what education can keep up with. We solve that by helping industry deliver the education!

    More skills, more jobs

    We genuinely believe if more people are able to access and learn the skills required in the world, we'll have less unemployed and all be more prosperous!

    Equal Opportunity

    No barriers here! We believe it's about what skills you have and your potential. At Edease anyone & everyone gets to access job opportunities, regardless of background  

    The Future

    Thousands of companies. Millions of people. All connected via their skillsets, qualities and suitability for one another. That's Edease! Come and join us! 

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